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Eurycoma longifolia jack is a kind of wild shrub plant growing in the humid and sandy soil of the primitive tropical rainforest near the equator in Southeast Asia. As a traditional medicine, it has been used for hundreds of years. In Malaysia, it is known as Malay ginseng. It has the functions of anti-cancer, anti malaria, improving male sexual dysfunction, etc. it can also improve Promote human function, anti anxiety, anti osteoporosis, analgesia and anti inflammation, anti bacteria, anti parasite, regulate immunity, anti angiogenesis and treat diabetes. In addition, it also contains alkaloids, lignans, triterpenes and other components. Lantana camara is the main active component.
1. Crush the raw material, take 10 kg of Dongge Ali, slice and crush it to 8-20 mesh.
2. Extraction: raw material fine powder is extracted twice by ultrasonic with 120 l methanol solution with volume fraction of 35% at 65, and the extraction time is 3 h and 2 h respectively. The extraction solution is filtered and combined with a plate and frame filter with filter cloth of 200 mesh, and 235 l of the combined extraction solution is obtained.
3. Coarse filtration, adding 2 times of pure water to the extraction solution and diluting, and then filtering with Chinese ceramic membrane with pore diameter of 20 nm to obtain the coarse filtrate.
4. Fine filtration. After the coarse filtrate is diluted with twice pure water, it is filtered by roll membrane with molecular weight of 10000 to obtain the fine filtrate.

5. Lead removal: the refined filtrate is adsorbed by three 8 l resin chromatography columns in series. The refined filtrate flows through the resin chromatography column at a flow rate of 32 L / h, and the content of lead in the effluent is less than 0.1p

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