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Tongkat Ali Extract

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Tongkat Ali Extract is an all-natural herbal product that is used for many benefits, including the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Viagra is used by men primarily to treat erectile dysfunction.  Here are two medicines that strive to help men treat a global problem that is increasing every year.

Despite their common goal, the differences between these two therapies are significant and vast.  In terms of male virility, Viagra only assists men create an erection.  That is the drug’s sole purpose.  Viagra and all inhibitors have limitations and they all carry side effects which have proven to be unsettling and uncomfortable.

Users of  can expect to endure several unpleasant side effects, including headaches, blurred vision, digestive difficulties, constipation and most importantly disappointment.  While all s use high priced appealing advertising to market their products, the fact is that these advertisements do not reflect the true, real-life experiences of the users.

The reality is that hundreds of people died from using Viagra when it first hit the marketplace.  After it was determined that Viagra and certain other medications created a life threatening situation, appropriate warnings were attached to all 

Unbeknownst to most Viagra users is the fact that more than 60 percent of Viagra prescriptions are not renewed.  A spokesperson for Viagra explained that Viagra has nothing to do with increasing the user’s desire for sex.  The drug only helps create an erection after a certain amount of time.

The effectiveness of’s can be affected by what the user eats and drinks.  While the drug has much accompanying information, most of which is smokescreen tainted, it is clear that the drug affects different people in different time periods.  If the romance peaks and the medicine does not kick in, the moment is loss.

With proper use of Tongkat Ali Extract, the user can expect to be ready and in fact eager to respond to romantic moments at any time.  This ancient, all-natural extract gets dependable, consistent results when taken in one of several “cycling” methods.  The two most popular cycling methods call for the user to ingest the extract for seven days and then cease intake for two days.  Another cycling method is five days on and two days off.

Using Tongkat Ali Extract in these cycling methods produces results that continue to increase demand in the Indonesian-produced product.  Unlike Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, Tongkat Ali Extract does not have to be taken one hour or three hours before the user can respond and satisfy a willing partner.

Another big difference between Tongkat Ali Extract and Viagra is that the all-natural herbal extract carries no known side effects.  Users report a very high degree of satisfaction and continue to re-order more and more of the extract.

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