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Understanding Tongkat Ali Extract and Testosterone

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The all-natural Malaysian Tongkat Ali Extract has been tested on humans and animals and has proven to be a testosterone booster for men and women. The popularity of the herbal extract has gone through the roof since an endorsement by the esteemed Dr. Oz on his national television show.

Prior to Oz’s endorsement in which he actually had a female audience member sample the extract saying it was “nature’s strongest aphrodisiac,” several test results had already spurred increased demand. An article in the London Sports Journal verified that users of Tongkat Ali Extract revealed that men using the herbal extract had increased muscle mass and strength when compared to men who did not use the extract.

At about the same time, testing by ZRT Laboratories indicated that men using Tongkat Ali Extract had increased testosterone levels when compared to men who did not ingest the extract on a regular basis. Unlike prescription medications for erectile dysfunction, Tongkat Ali Extract is designed to be ingested every day for either five or seven days and then abstain for two days before resuming the cycle.

In men, testosterone is the main sex hormone. It is produced in the testes. One of the main functions of testosterone is to develop the male’s primary sexual characteristics and organs. Testosterone also stimulates the male’s secondary sex characteristics. The hormone is the most powerful of the androgens that distinguish males by their facial hair growth, depth of voice, muscle tone and bone mass.

In relation to the male’s sexual development and performance, it is easy to see why men are concerned with testosterone levels. Normal testosterone levels in men range anywhere from 300 on the low end and 1,000 manogram per deciliter on the high end. Once the male reaches the age of 30, the body begins to produce about 1 percent less testosterone each year. This is a natural decline but by age fifty the male is producing at least 20 percent less testosterone than at age 30.

Unfortunately many men become used to low testosterone levels. To these men it seems a natural progression that they have decreased interest in sex and even erectile dysfunction. Men no longer have to settle for this natural deterioration.

The good news is that Tongkat Ali Extract produced in Malaysia has been adopted by many men, who are not satisfied to have their primary or secondary sex characteristics compromised. From the government’s shiny new manufacturing facilities, Tongkat Ali is now shipped to all corners of the globe every day. The herbal extract is available in tablet, capsule, liquid or powdered form.

In addition to increased libido and increased muscle mass, higher levels of testosterone appear to promote good health in men. Proper testosterone levels lower the risks of high blood pressure and heart attack.

In recent studies, it was projected that 13 million American men have low testosterone. 70 percent of those men suffer erectile dysfunction while 63 percent indicate they have low sex drive. Low testosterone can cause relationship issues and add stress to family relationships.

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