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Tongkat Ali Extract Eurycomanone 1%-10% factory customization

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East leather ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) is growing in southeast Asia near the equator of pristine tropical rainforest and wet sandy soil of a wild shrub plants, east leather ali used as traditional medicine for hundreds of years of history, in Malaysia, east leather ali have Malay ginseng, east leather ali has cancer, malaria, improve male sexual dysfunction etc, also can promote human body's enginery and antianxiety, anti osteoporosis, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, parasitic resistance, immune regulation, anti-angiogenesis and treatment of diabetes. The active constituents of dongge ali are diterpenoids of bitter lignin, alkaloids, lignans, triterpenoids, etc.
1. The raw materials were crushed. 10 kg of raw materials were taken from dongge ali and sliced into 8~20 mesh pieces.

2. Extraction. The fine powder of raw material was extracted twice with ultrasonic extraction of methanol solution with volume fraction of 35% 120 L at the temperature of 65. The extraction time was 3 h and 2 h, respectively.

3. The crude filtrate was obtained by filtering with Chinese ceramic membrane with pore diameter of 20 nm after diluted with 2 times pure water supplemented with extract.

4. After being diluted with 2 times pure water, the coarse filtrate was filtered with a roll membrane with a molecular weight of 10000 to obtain the refined filtrate.

5. In addition to lead, the refined filtrate was adsorbed by 3 resin chromatography columns in series with a volume of 8 L. The refined filtrate flowed through the resin chromatography column at a flow rate of 32 L/h. The lead content in the effluent was detected to be less than 0.1 PPM.

6. Purification, in addition to lead the material liquid column volume for 20 L of macroporous adsorption resin chromatography column adsorption to saturated, in addition to lead to 40 L/h of the flow velocity of material liquid through the resin column chromatography, detect wide with ketone content in the effluent is greater than 0.01 mg/mL, then use 40 L wash water adsorption of the first kind of impurity, sugar, pigment with 80 L volume concentration of 55% ethanol elution solution, ethanol solution in 20 L/h the velocity of flow through macroporous adsorption resin column chromatography, collected 75 L eluent.

7. Concentration, control temperature is 75, vacuum concentration eluent to no alcohol taste, 5 L concentration.

8. Drying, spray drying concentrate, air inlet temperature is 185, air outlet temperature is 90, the atomizer speed is 380 r/s, light yellow fine powder 710 g.

The pale yellow fine powder obtained in this embodiment was detected by HPLC, and the content of broad thayanone was 2.01 %. The content of lead was detected by icp-ms, and the content of lead was less than 0.05 PPM.
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