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Cranberry Extract

Cranberry Extract
  • Product Name:Cranberry Extract
  • Latin Name:Vacinium macrocarpon
  • Specification:10:1 20:1 10%-25%Anthocyanins
  • Active Ingredient:Anthocyanins
  • Application:Health care products & Medicine

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Product English name: Cranberry Extract

Plant Latin name: vaccinium macrocarpon


Active ingredient: anthocyanin, anthocyanin, proanthocyanidin

Source: also known as cranberries, cranberries, cranberries, artemisia beans. Sprawling, thin, erect. The leaves are small oval. The berries are red, spherical and sour in taste. Strong cold resistance, distributed in Changbai Mountain and Xing'an Mountains in the northeast.
Product specifications: 30%-50% Proanthocyanidin UV detection, 10%-25% anthocyanidin UV detection

Product appearance: purple-red fine powder

2. Use part: fruit
3. Color: red or red-brown fine powder
4. Mesh number: 95% over 80 mesh
5. Smell: special smell
6. Loss on drying: ≤5%
7. Ash: 5%
8. Heavy metals: <5PPM
9. Solvent residue: <0.05PPM

【Microbiological Standards】

1. The total amount of bacteria: <1000CFU/gm
2. Escherichia coli: not detected
3. Salmonella: not detected
4. Molds and yeasts: <100CFU/gm
[Package] Double-layer plastic bags are used inside, and aluminum foil bags or cardboard drums (25 kg/drum) are used for external use.
[Storage] Store in a cool, dry, dark, and high temperature place.
【Shelf Life】Two years

Product specifications
(1) 1-25% anthocyanin

(2) 1-36% anthocyanin

(3) 1-50% proanthocyanidins

(4) 10:1 20:1

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