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What is cichoric acid, echinacea extract manufacturers interpret the content of each specification

Release time:2019-07-26 Oringin:  ChangSha Heking Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Plant extracts are based on plants as raw materials. According to the needs of the use of the final product extracted, through physical and chemical extraction and separation processes, one or more effective ingredients in the plant are obtained and concentrated without changing the effective ingredients. Structure and formed product. At present, the plant extracts with more research reports mainly include alkaloids, polysaccharides, volatile oils, saponins, and flavonoids.

A large number of scientific experiments have proved that plant extracts have the effects of antibacterial, antiviral, scavenging free radicals and antioxidants, and can promote growth, improve animal production performance, enhance body immunity, enhance anti-stress function, and improve intestines in animal production. Tao health and improving the quality of animal products.

Traditional antibiotic drugs have problems such as drug resistance and drug residues, which limit their use more and more. However, plant extract additives are not prone to bacterial resistance and drug residues, and are expected to solve the problems of antibiotic residues, environmental pollution and food safety that have long plagued the development of animal husbandry, and can efficiently and safely produce healthy nutrition for the feed industry and livestock and poultry industries. The food provides a reliable guarantee.


"Most of the effective ingredients in Chinese herbal medicines are in an organic state, such as oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, alkaloids, polyphenols, and flavonoids. They are digested, absorbed and redistributed by the animal body and become resistant to pathogens and parasites. There is no drug in the body. Residue, can be used continuously for a long time, it is a green feed additive without residue and pollution." "Chinese herbal medicine additives and plant extracts have broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral properties, regulate the balance of body functions, enhance immune function, and improve the health of livestock and poultry. , Anti-stress and reconciliation, its biggest advantages are no residue, no triplet, no drug resistance, no drug withdrawal period."

It should be noted that natural plant extracts also have many safety issues worthy of attention. For example, certain plant materials are inherently toxic to animals. "There is a difference between the use of medicinal and food homologous plants and medicinal plants. The former or its extracts (such as Pueraria lobata, wolfberry, etc.) can be used as additives for a long time. There is no doubt that medicinal plants or other extracts (such as Radix Isatidis, Astragalus, etc.) ), if used as an additive for a long time, it will have side effects and should be restricted.” Therefore, we should take a serious scientific attitude to pay attention to the safety of plant extract feed additives.

At present, my country's plant extract industry has formed a certain scale, and plant extract feed additives with significant effects, scientific mechanism and clear ingredients (such as eucommia leaf extract) and related products have gradually been widely recognized by the public. my country has abundant natural plant resources and a long history of Chinese herbal medicine development, which provides sufficient conditions for the development of plant extract additives in my country.


Not only domestic but also foreign countries are paying more and more attention to plant extracts. In recent years, the United States, Japan and other developed countries have invested a large amount of research funds on basic and applied research on plant extracts. South Korea and Singapore have even initiated and invested in a large number of research projects by the government.

Therefore, the development prospects of plant extract feed additives are unlimited, not only to be used, but also to be used well, as long as they are used properly, they will become one of the most popular feed additives in the animal husbandry industry.

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