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Lingonberry leaf extract

Lingonberry leaf extract
  • Product Name:Lingonberry leaf extract
  • Latin Name:Vacciniumvitis-idaeaLinn
  • Specification:25%
  • Active Ingredient:Ursolic acid
  • Application:HPLC

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【Product name】 Ursolic Acid

【Other name】 acetylursolic acid, Oleanolic acid

【Chemical name】 3-Hydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic acid

【Sub-formula】 C30H48O3

【Sub-quantity】 456.68

【C A S No.】 77-52-1

【specification】 25%,50%,80%,98%

Physical properties

Ursolic acid is a shiny prismatic (anhydrous ethanol) or fine hairy needlelike crystal (dilute ethanol) at high content and a brownish or yellow-green powder at low content. It has a special odor and is a pentacyclic triterpene found in natural plants.
Melting point 283 ~ 288 ° c. specific rotation []D25 +67.5° (C= 1,1 mol/L potassium hydroxide solution).
At 15℃, ethanol (99%) dissolves 10 mg in 1 ml and boils 45 mg in 1 ml.
Soluble in methanol, acetone, pyridine, insoluble in water and petroleum ether.

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