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Honeysuckle Extract

Honeysuckle Extract
  • Product Name:Honeysuckle Extract
  • Latin Name:Lonicera japonica Thunb.
  • Specification:5%
  • Active Ingredient:chlorogenic acid
  • Application:HPLC

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Honeysuckle Extract - Basic Information:

【product name】Honeysuckle extract Extract powder honeysuckle chlorogenic acid

【Latin name】Lonicera japonica

【Plant alias】银花、双花、二花、二宝花

【source of the product】Honeysuckle extract is a fine powder made from the flower bud of Honeysuckle, which is extracted by purified water or alcohol, concentrated by low-temperature decompression and spray drying.

【chemical component】Flos lonicerae extract contains chlorogenic acid, luteolin, inositol about 1% and saponins, tannins, etc.

【product appearance】Honeysuckle extract light brown yellow fine powder or brownish yellow powder.


【mesh】80-100mesh powder

【specifications】5%  10%  25%

【Product solubility】Honeysuckle extract water soluble 100% clear and bright

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