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To find the extract of tongkat ali , it is necessary to choose synthetic biology, and the only one w

Release time:2019-06-27 Oringin:  ChangSha Heking Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

The market promotion of tongkat ali extract is really much. What are the manufacturers that really make high content of the effective component of tongkat ali extract , the Eurycomanone? At present, about the east tongkat ali extract Eurycomanone market where the specifications?

  First: at present, tongkat ali extract is a proportion of conventional products, the so-called 100:1,200:1, small make up do not do evaluation. But it's the active ingredients in plant extracts that really work. The active ingredient of tongkat ali extract is Eurycomanone. The current market is at most 1 to 3 percent. The maximum content of hejian Eurycomanone is 15%, and the pilot test is currently testing 20%. It remains to be seen.

Does the east make ali extract real manufacturer seek which? You have to look for Hunan Hejian. Remember

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